Senin, 23 Juni 2014

A Few Simple Carpet Cleaning Steps Can Save

Let's face it, we are in the middle of uncertain times, the economy seems to be getting worse every day. Every morning people wake up and turn on the news only to hear about how stocks are taking a dive, the loonie is declining, the housing market is in crisis, and countless companies are closing. In these uncertain times, it's important for people to find as many ways as possible to save money. One way that we can save money is by maintaining the things we have so that we have more time before we need to replace them.
One of the most valuable possessions in our home is the furniture and carpets, these can be extremely costly to replace. With so many people at risk of losing their jobs and a looming recession, it's very important that people learn to take care of these things properly, so they can maintain their beauty for years to come. Some people have furniture that is 20 years old and it looks 5 years old, and some people have furniture that is 5 years old that looks 20 years old. It is apparent when furniture and carpets are not cared for, and as a result they need replacing years sooner than necessary.

One of the most important steps in the good maintenance of furniture and carpets is vacuuming. So many people underestimate the importance of regular vacuuming. Make sure to use a machine that has a beater brush, this will help to remove the dirt and grime that gets ground into carpet and ruins the fibres. This damage is more apparent in doorways and high traffic areas. When you vacuum you should always remember to replace the vacuum bag regularly to ensure the best results.
Another important tip in the maintenance of your carpets and furniture is to make sure you clean spills right away, don't wait until later. The longer you wait to clean a spill, the more likely that stain will set in and never come out. If you are a pet owner, I highly recommend investing in a good pet urine remover. Even if your pet is well trained, accidents can happen, and cleaning this type of stain quickly prevents damaging the carpet or furniture permanently.
If you own furniture that consists of microfiber, you may be under the impression that this material is very resistant to stains, but be careful because improper cleaning can result in water stains that will not come out. When you clean this furniture if it doesn't dry evenly, a ring appears in the fabric and it is very difficult to remove. If you spill something on this type of fabric, make sure you blot the spot with paper towel to absorb any excess liquid and then clean the spot with warm water and a small amount of dish detergent. Once you have removed the stain, dry it evenly with a blow dryer (no heat) until the spot is thoroughly dry.
Even with the regular maintenance that you do yourself, it's important to have your furniture and carpets professionally cleaned to ensure their longevity. Professional carpet cleaners have access to powerful chemicals and equipment that the average person doesn't. In addition, professional cleaners have the knowledge of the proper use of those chemicals and equipment. You should have your carpets professionally cleaned every six months for heavily walked areas. For low traffic areas you can wait a year. On the other hand, if you have extremely high traffic areas that consistently get dark they may need cleaning as often as every three months.
Some people are hesitant to spend money on professional carpet cleaning, but in the end spending a little money now will save you thousands later when you have to replace your carpets and furniture.

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